Why the Future is Workless by Tim Dunlop

Even as the robots gather on the near horizon this book argues we have choices about the manner in which we greet them. A world without work as we know it could be a good thing.

The landscape of work is changing right in front of us, from Uber, Airbnb and the new share economy to automated vehicles, 3D printing and advanced AI. The question isn’t whether robots will take our jobs, but what we will do when they do. The era of full-time work is coming to an end and we have to stop holding out the false promise that at some magical moment the jobs are going to reappear. So what does our future in the brave new world of non-work look like? 

In this timely and provocative book, Tim Dunlop argues that by embracing the changes ahead we might even find ourselves better off. Workless goes beyond the gadgetry and hype to examine the social and political ramifications of work throughout history and into the future. It argues we need to think big now, not wait until we’re in a dystopian world of mass unemployment and wealth held in the hands of a minority.


Tim Dunlop is just the kind of writer we love to have as part of our festival lineup. He does the work, he's constantly asking the right questions and he has a wonderfully accessible, inclusive style that opens up to all kinds of readers, no matter who they are and what they are interested in. We're honoured to have Tim hosting a terrific panel, talking about the melting of the line between fact and fiction in reporting.