Hong Kong Food City by Tony Tan

Around the island in 80 recipes - part travel experience, part food immersion.

To eat in Hong Kong is endlessly fascinating and exciting. A mere dot on the map of China, and home to seven million migrants, Hong Kong boasts a food scene that is breathtakingly rich and varied. Tony Tan explores this vibrant city through 80 exquisite dishes, from the cutting-edge contemporary to the traditional, from both the high and low of Hong Kong cuisine - with recipes from the city's iconic hotels, its hawker stalls, and even a legendary dumpling house on the outskirts of Kowloon. Tony weaves his recipes with stories that trace Hong Kong's Chinese roots, explore its deep colonial connections and tantalise us with glimpses of today's ultra-modern city and most delicious eating spots.


Tony Tan has just been named one of the "legends" at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival - here's why. He has a gentle seriousness about food, an elegant and careful approach to preparation and a deep joy in the culinary traditions he has mastered. If you want to see him at work, and taste his cooking, the Demo on Saturday, 11 August, in the Ulumbarra training kitchen, will be a treat.