Headstrong Daughters by Nadia Jamal

How would you feel, as a guest, about sitting in a suburban living room that is for women only? 
What if you wanted a baby but as a single woman could not have one outside of a marriage? 
Could you stay home to mourn a husband for four months and ten days? 

Headstrong Daughters takes us inside the lives of Muslim women in Australia today. They are working professionals, mothers, and students. At home they are finding ways to stay true to their faith as well as to themselves, navigating the expectations of their families and the traditions they brought with them to their new country.

But things are not always what they seem. These candid, moving and sometimes surprising stories reveal a side to Australian life that is little known and often misunderstood. Inspiring, warm and determined, these women are the new face of Islam in Australia.


Here's another about-time book that's giving us important, useful and revealing insights into lives too often summed up poorly in the rush to opinion-making. Nadia Jamal has done the work, and we're keen to hear her speak about the "woman's place" that is that of young Muslim's in Australia. She joins our Saturday night lineup at Ulumbarra Theatre.