'How is it our minds are not satisfied? What means this whispering in the bottom of our hearts?' 

Listening to the whispering in his own heart, Henry Reynolds was led into the lives of white humanitarians who followed their consciences and challenged the prevailing attitudes to Indigenous people.

His now-classic book constructed an alternative history of Australia through the eyes of those who felt disquiet and disgust at the brutality of dispossession. These men and women fought for justice for Indigenous people even when doing so left them isolated and criticised. 

Revisiting this history, in this new edition Reynolds brings fresh perspectives to issues we grapple with still. Those who argue for justice, reparation, recognition and a treaty will find themselves in solidarity with those who went before. But this powerful book shows how much remains to be done to settle the whispering in our hearts. 


A wonderful opportunity to celebrate this landmark publication, 20 years on, with one of Australia's most important historians. Henry Reynolds changed thinking, and in so doing, has changed history. He will talk about This Whispering in Our Hearts with Jennifer Jones, and also join fellow historians to talk about the Uluru Statement.