MAYBE by Morris Gleitzman

"Maybe was a very satisfying book to write," says Morris Gleitzman. "I’ve accompanied Felix on some tough journeys over the last twelve years or so, and this latest adventure is a make-or-break time for him. 

"It’s the spring of 1946, and 14-year-old Felix comes to Australia to start a new life. Why Australia? A few reasons, but perhaps the most important is that Felix suspects he might be about to have a fight to the death with a revenge-crazed Polish killer. Australia, he hopes, will be a better place for this to happen with its fully-functioning police force and less rubble to trip over than in Europe. And less friends to be caught up in the danger."

Once, Then, Now, After, Soon... and Maybe. That's the Felix series by Australian Children's Laureate Morris Gleitzman. And there's one to come: Always. 

Hear him speak using all those adverbs and no doubt a heap of excellent verbs too when he joins our Let's Get Curious panel on Festival Friday Night. He's solo on Saturday too - how good is that!