LAW SCHOOL:  by Benjamin Law and Jenny Phang

Do you accidentally get turned-on while watching a nature documentary? Are you dating someone whose tattoos are the worst but you're having the best sex of your life? Are you feeling emasculated because your girlfriend has had more one-night stands than you? Never fear: the world's first mother-son sex and relationships advice duo is here to save you from yourself. The longest-running regular column in The Lifted Brow, the `Law School' column has been offering stern warnings, enthusiastic encouragement, and sage (and not-so-sage) wisdom to desperate lovers and sexual adventurists alike since 2011. 

This collection brings the best of 'Law School' into an excruciatingly funny and semi-explicit illustrated book of advice you never knew you needed.

There cannot be too many books on the cover of which is the name of the author and his mum. Truth is, there aren't many Benjamin Laws - which is a good thing (since it means we can cherish his very special humour and intellect) and a bad thing - because we can certainly do with more of his charm and unabashed wit. Ben is our host for the Friday night Let's Get Curious session: it will be brilliant.