BREAKING UP WITH GOD by Sarah Sentilles

Writing in the tradition of Barbara Brown Taylor and Sue Monk Kidd comes a lyrical voice from a new generation, offering her beautifully rendered view of what it’s like to question and ultimately lose faith on the brink of being ordained.

In this modern memoir of faith, Sarah Sentilles reveals how deep our ties to God can be, and how devastating they can be to break. Not unlike a divorce, leaving God meant Sarah had to reorient her life and face a future that felt darkly unfamiliar. Ultimately, Breaking Up with God is filled with hope, a coming out story that lets others know it’s safe to come out too, and that there’s light on the other side.


Sarah Sentilles extraordinary Draw Your Weapons took her many years to write; the book came before was equally surprising, equally moving and graceful. What does it mean to have faith in the 21st century? Where does personal conviction, compassion, morality find succour if there is no god? Let's get curious about these beautiful questions when we welcome Sarah Sentilles to Bendigo in August.