Goddess by Kelly Gardiner

Goddess is a novel based on the life of the remarkable Julie d’Aubigny, known as Mademoiselle de Maupin – swordswoman, opera singer, occasional nun and seventeenth century superstar.

 She grew up in the Sun King’s Versailles, was the lover of powerful men – and women, and became the darling of Paris and Brussels, famous for her duels and breeches and escapades. After her death she was turned into an icon of infamy, of Romanticism, of decadence or courage. She has been immortalised on page and screen – even a ballet – and more recently dubbed “Badass of the Week” online.


"Scenes sparkle with period details and sensory impressions: all spectacle and shimmer, all gesture and pose, Baroque mask and mirror and role-play. Gardiner does this very well.

"And her goddess fascinates." Nancy Kline, NY Review of Books


Rather like her "goddess", Kelly Gardiner is very good at a lot of things - from writing for younger readers, to teaching, to historical novels. And she is a very fine podcaster too, which we'll hear her talk about at Festival 2018.