The Secret Ingredient by Chloe Shorten

With treasured recipes, Chloe Shorten shows how eating together as a family offers more than a meal: it can nourish relationships and nurture your children. Chloe reveals ways to encourage the connections we make at the family table. She shares her tried-and-true recipes passed down from family, friends and neighbours across Australia: her mum Dame Quentin Bryce's popular eggplant parmigiana, icon Wendy McCarthy's perfect roast chicken and a chocolate cake so divine it was served in restaurants. The Secret Ingredient invites you to bring the remarkable power of the family meal into your home.


More food for thought, and just as delicious. If your memories of the family table are mostly "eat that - or you can't watch tv", it's probably time to revive the good thoughts about the sharing table. We've got a special interviewer lined up for Chloe Shorten too... watch this space.