Girl Gangs, Biker Boys and Real Cool Cats 


Girl Gangs, Biker Boys, and Real Cool Cats is the first comprehensive account of how the rise of postwar youth culture was depicted in mass-market pulp fiction.

As the young created new styles in music, fashion, and culture, pulp fiction shadowed their every move, hyping and exploiting their behaviour, dress, and language for mass consumption and cheap thrills.

From the juvenile delinquent gangs of the early 1950s through the beats and hippies, on to bikers, skinheads, and punks, pulp fiction left no trend untouched. With their lurid covers and wild, action-packed plots, these books reveal as much about society’s deepest desires and fears as they do about the subcultures themselves.


This is a rare collection of essays by experts and aficionados, edited by Iain McIntyre and Andrew Nette. Andrew's website, Pulp Curry, is the gateway to the world of pulp, in books and on screen. He'll be at Festival 2018, and will lead a workshop on how to get started on crime writing.