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Bab Sharkey and the Animal Mummies - the Weird Beard by Andrew Hansen and Jessica Roberts

When twelve-year-old Bab Sharkey finds a magical beard in the Egyptian desert, it attaches itself to his face, making him the Pharaoh and granting him strange powers.

Bab also finds the friends he’s always needed: a pair of undead animals wrapped in bandages called Scaler the Fish Mummy and Prong the Ibis Mummy.

But the previous owner of the Beard, the ancient and evil sorceress the Unpharaoh, is determined to get it back. Can Bab and his new Animal Mummy friends banish the Unpharaoh back to the Afterworld?

Award-winning Australian comedian Andrew Hansen, best known for The Chaser, has teamed up with his wife, designer Jessica Roberts, to create their very first children’s book series. 


Jessica and Andrew are heading to Bendigo and will be talking to kids on Friday for Text Marks the Spot, then joining Astrid Edwards from The Garret podcast on Saturday to talk about how they teamed up to create Bab Sharkey. There’s a special Sunday event with Jessica and Andrew too: we’ll announce that on June 6.