Loong: Bendigo's Golden Dragon by Leigh McKinnon

In 1904, a visitor to Bendigo’s Easter Procession wrote a letter in praise of Loong, the Imperial Dragon which is the pride of the Golden Dragon Museum.
“What a marvel of awesome dreadfulness,” the visitor wrote.
“I marked its harmonious colour, its 10,000 shreds of glittering crystal, its cunning metal fastenings and its handsome tapestries of woven silk and wool with a respectful reverence.”

A small book published in 2012 by the Museum tells the story of this magnificent ceremonial dragon, now retired. It is as much a history of Bendigo as it is a story about the spectacular, now unique dragon.


Leigh McKinnon will talk about the dragons of the Golden Dragon Museum, and the history of this Chinese cultural centre in the heart of Bendigo, at Bendigo Writers Festival, on August 12.