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Freedom from Stress and Anxiety by David McRae

David McRae says there’s never a situation where it is reasonable to say there is nothing you can do, nothing to help. “When you’re caught up in anxiety it feels like there’s no break between the anxious feelings and thoughts,” says the author of the book, Freedom from Stress and Anxiety. “However, there’s an enormous variety of things that can be done.” Some of the methods include yoga, meditation, mindfulness and also focusing on nutrition “Some people can find it quite hard to meditate, but with enough practice you can slow your brain down and rid yourself of anxious thoughts,” he says. “Meditation will give you space to help relax and step back from your thoughts, giving you a new insight.”


It’s been a tradition at Bendigo Writers Festival to present a session about mindfulness and health, and this year, we’re pleased to present David McRae, who will talk about his long experience as a counsellor to help people find natural ways to heal and stay well.