Ben and Abe: check out this one

The new book, Growing Up Queer in Australia, is released just before the Festival, so we’re delighted that Black Inc and Benjamin Law are supporting us with this event, on Saturday 10 August at 6pm in Ulumbarra Theatre.

Abe Watson, who is front-of-house manager with the Capital, will be hosting Ben for a discussion about this fabulous new collection of essays.

And this event will also be one of our sessions, where you can log on to send questions for Abe to ask Benjamin.

If you’ve got a Festival pass, you get access to this event, and it’s also available for single-ticket purchase, so you can let friends know to come along too.

There’s some really beautiful and surprising writing in this book. Sharing it at the Festival is a real privilege.

growing up queer.png

Rosemary Sorensen