To Pass or not to Pass??

If you’re weighing up your options - and we know that’s half the fun - here’s some of the things people tell us about why they choose to go the whole hog and buy a Three-Day Festival Pass.

Some people put a circle around the must-see sessions and then just browse during the day, trying out sessions on a whim - that way they get to hear about things “I didn’t know about.”

It makes it very easy and the choice is so varied, there’s always something on offer. Even if a session in a small venue fills up to capacity, it’s easy to find something else in a nearby venue.

A Pass is very good value, with the cost much lower than most festivals. Even adding in one or two extra events - such as a Quick Pick in Strategem Studio or one of the evening events in Ulumbarra - a day or three at the Festival is cheap as chips!

Remember that your Pass gives you access to all the Pass-or-Ticket events during the day in Ulumbarra Theatre. Invite a friend along for a session or two, and you can buy them a seat to a single event as a treat. It’s the perfect way to introduce someone to what makes the Writers Festival so popular each year.

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Rosemary Sorensen