Our 8th festival

9-11 August 2019

This year, join us for a packed program with 150 speakers in 6-plus venues. Simultaneous sessions on each day make it easy for you to find something to suit your interests, with local, national and international writers across a very wide range of styles and topics. Find out more

Key Dates

Wednesday May 8: pre-program announcements and Early Bird tickets on sale

Wednesday June 5: program released online and all tickets on sale

Friday June 14: print program released


Bookmark May 25

Blooms and Brushstrokes 25.jpg

Penelope and Tansy Curtin’s sumptuous new book is an ode to both art and botany, tracing the relationship through the history of Australian art, one flower at a time. This Bendigo-based mother and daughter duo show the importance of floral fashions and forms, with beautiful depictions of everything from daisies to waratahs. Works by some of Australia’s most important and loved artists are featured, including Margaret Preston, Grace Cossington Smith, John Brack and Margaret Olley.

To celebrate the launch of this spectacular, meticulously researched book, Penelope and Tansy are joined by influential art critic Robert Nelson.

This is a Bendigo Writers Festival Bookmark event.


Schedule of Events

Our program

While the main festival program is focused on the three main days - Friday August 9, Saturday August 10, Sunday August 11 - things get going a bit earlier, with a number of satellite and umbrella events in Festival week leading into the weekend. The full program includes sessions included in a festival pass, events available for single ticket purchase, umbrella events and workshops. We’ll release the pre-program (key writers and events) on May 8, then the entire program on June 5.


it’s a very welcoming, relaxing kind of festival


Excellent venues combine history and up-to-date comfort


the talk is smart, the atmosphere electric


A busy program but with time to meet the writers.


our venues range from small, to medium, to very big indeed… and this year we’re adding a new one we hope you’ll enjoy


Look who’s talking

Every year, we think it’s impossible to get a more interesting lineup of writers. And every year, we’re astonished and delighted when the program comes together with an extraordinarily diverse gathering of writers whose work has captured our hearts and minds. We know you’re curious and also want to plan ahead, so we’ll start to let you know who’s coming as soon as we are able.


Hub and bookshop

Open all weekend, the Festival bookshop is located in the Hub, right next door to the Capital box office.

There’s also a pop-up bookshop in the foyer of Ulumbarra Theatre, and author signings take place in both locations following events.


our comfortable venues

All our venues have excellent seating and the professional staff at the Capital ensure good sound. From small studio spaces, to big theatre auditoriums, the range ensures a variety of experiences for our audiences.


programmed to please

Our audiences tell us they love the flexibility of our program, which enables them good access to as many sessions as they choose.

And we keep our ticket prices as low as possible, to make sure everyone has an opportunity to hear terrific talk about things that matter.



We like to innovate too, to improve the festival for writers and readers, so in 2019 we’ll be using Mobile Phone technology for Q&As, instead of the old-fashioned passing the microphone around.

Well organised and very friendly, this truly splendid festival is relaxing and stimulating at the same time. We look forward to this weekend as our favourite event in the year.
— Bendigo Writers Festival attendee feedback