Book 100-new Book 99 Book 98 Book 97 Book 96 - Camp Castaway Book 95 - The Power of Hope Book 94 - The Last Days of Jeanne d'Arc Book 93: Freedom from Stress and Anxiety Book 92: Loong - Bendigo's Golden Dragon Book 91: Bab Sharkey and the Animal Mummies - The Weird Beard Book 90: Exploring Soils by Samantha Grover Book 89: Wimmera by Mark Brandi Book 88: War Games by Jess Anastasi Book 87: Harlequin's Riddle by Rachel Nightingale Book 86: Girl Gangs and Biker Boys Book 85: Vigil by Angela Slatter Book 84: Corpselight by Angela Slatter Book 83: Mine by Susi Fox Book 82: Nagaland by Ben Doherty Book 81: The Serpent's Sting by Robert Gott Book 80: The List by Michael Brissenden Book 79: Cooking with Kindness by Pam Ahern Book 78: The Secret Ingredient by Chloe Shorten Book 77: Gold from the Stone by Lemn Sissay Book 76: Street Farm by Michael Ableman Book 75: Goddess by Kelly Gardiner Book 74: The World Beneath by Cate Kennedy Book 73: An Isolated Incident by Emily Maguire Book 72: Holy Cow by Sarah Macdonald Book 71: One Last Spin by Drew Rooke Book 70: Sleepwalking to Armageddon edited by Helen Caldicott Book 69: Wild Fire by Ann Cleeves Book 68: The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood Book 67: The Girl, the Dog and the Writer in Rome by Katrina Nannestad Book 66: Dead Right by Richard Denniss Book 65: Testosterone Rex by Cordelia Fine Book 64: Draw Your Weapons by Sarah Sentilles Book 63: White Wash by Carey Gillam Book 62: How to Stop Time by Matt Haig Book 61: Breaking Up With God by Sarah Sentilles Book 60: Law School by Benjamin Law and Jenny Phang Book 59: Incorrigible Optimist by Gareth Evans Book 58: The Art of Time Travel by Tom Griffiths Book 57: Maybe by Morris Gleitzman Book 56: Walk Back Over by Jeanine Leane Book 55: An Activist Life by Christine Milne Book 54: Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig Book 53: Something Dark by Lemn Sissay
Ableman, Michael Ahern, Pam Alba, Beatrice Alden, Jennifer Alizadeh, Ali Andrews, Julie Anastasi, Jess Anthony, Sonia and Nick Astle, David Attwood, Bain Ball, Timmah Barclay, Paul Bendrups, Dan Berg, Ali and Michelle Kalus Birch, Tony Bisley, Nick Bolitho, Kath Brandi, Mark Brissenden, Michael Budge, Trevor Burgess-Gilchrist Em Burns, Lindy Caffin, Meg Caldicott, Helen Carmichael, Jay Chingaipe, Santilla Cleeves, Ann Corr, Karen Costello, Tim Curtin, Penelope Curtin, Tansy D'Angelo Fisher, Leo Davidson, Robyn Davies, Penny Dawe, Bryan Delaney, Brigid Dempsey, Dianne Dempster, Lisa Denniss, Richard Doak, Amy Doherty, Ben Donisthorpe, Suzanne Dunlop, Tim Edwards, Astrid Entwisle, Tim Evans, Gareth Farquharson, Miffy Fine, Cordelia Flanagan, John Flanagan, Kitty Flanagan-Smith, Claire Ford, Adam Ford, Ruth Forsyth, Kate Fox, Susi Fraillon, Zana Gard, Sian Gardiner, Kelly Gillam, Carey Gleitzman, Morris Gott, Robert Graves, Jenny Griffiths, Billy Griffiths, Tom Grover, Samantha Haig, Matt Hall, Rodney Hammer, Chris Hansen, Andrew and Jessica Roberts Hill, Alannah Huntley, Rebecca Jamal, Nadia Jones, Jennifer Kahan, Bente Karapanagiotidis, Kon Kells, Stuart Kelly, Chris Kemp, Sharon Kennedy, Cate Krasnostein, Sarah Kulpinska, Azja Laguna, Sofie Lampert, Jo Law, Benjamin Leane,Jeanine L'Estrange, Sarah Lee, Hyeonseo Low, Lian Macdonald, Sarah Maguire, Emily Manne, Robert Mansfield, Prue Marwood, Lorraine Marwood, Tamara Mayor Cox, Sarah McKinnon, Leigh McRae, David Miller, Alex Mitchell, Jenny Murrell, Belinda Milne, Christine Nette, Andrew Nichols, Claire Nightingale, Rachel O'Reilly, Paddy Parker, Fiona Pascoe, Bruce Pascoe, Peter Rayner, Gemma Reynolds, Henry Richards, John Ridnell, Johnathan Robertson, Emma Robotham, Michael Rooke, Drew Ruby, Matt Rudner, Julie Savage, Bryley Scott Tucker, Michelle Sentilles, Sarah Shanahan, Cecile Sheldon-Collins, Deanne Shorten, Chloe Sissay, Lemn Skinner, Robert Smith, Byron and Tess Robinson Sparrow, Jeff Spicer, Tracey Slatter, Angela Stephenson, Robert Tan, Tony Triolo, Rosalie Tsintziras, Spiri Tulba, Majok Twycross, Dana Valentish, Jenny Van Hecke, Blaise Van Neerven, Ellen Wahlquist, Calla Walsh, Adele Warhaft, Sally Westbury, Marcus White, Christian Wolseley, John Wood, Charlotte Wooldridge, Simon Zable, Arnold
Let's get Curious

10 - 12 August

Welcome to the home of Bendigo Writers Festival: we look forward to sharing the love of books and writing with you again in 2018.

The program for this year's festival will be live here on June 6, when Early Bird passes will go on sale via the Capital's ticket site

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